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Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Weird steering problem!
« Last post by DamFit on Today at 02:33:42 PM »
Last update: Problem finally solved now!

It turned out that the control unit was all good and working - the problem was the battery. After changing the battery the EPS light went off and everything worked perfectly fine.

Well, that was a long journey to get the EPS working, but thanks again for all your help and support.

Honda Jazz Mk3 2015 - / Re: New Honda Jazz. November 2017
« Last post by peteo48 on Today at 02:28:55 PM »
I'm probably repeating myself here but why 1.5 when they've just bought out a 1.0 129 ps turbo engine for the new Civic. It has low CO2 as well.

I do realise that there is a debate as to whether small turbo charged engines are indeed the future but Honda have just bought out exactly that so I genuinely don't follow the thinking here.
Honda & Other Honda Models / The super mini Jazz
« Last post by auntyneddy on Today at 02:27:39 PM »
I had a surprise yesterday, waiting outside the village shop for my other half when a Seat Leon pulled up alongside. I did not get out with a tape measure but I am sure the Leon was shorter than the Jazz. While I fully accept the Leon might have superior performance  I have never seen it referred to as a super mini.
My impression was while it might get to 60 faster it certainly was inferior in carrying capacity both luggage and rear passenger comfort.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Electric cars
« Last post by peteo48 on Today at 02:24:00 PM »
I think whatever your view on fossil fuels versus renewables it makes sense to eek them (fossil fuels) out even if you do think they are the bees knees. Renewables can help with this.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Spraying WD40 on fan belt
« Last post by auntyneddy on Today at 02:22:28 PM »
Recently, I think, my Brother a Land Rover maniac, he has 3, sent me an article about bearings. No I am not digressing it is just that he had to rebuild the transfer box on his work Land Rover, it is a V6 with specially built body for his forge. He is a Farrier in Canada and so mileages are considerable. Six months after the rebuild the transfer box bearings failed. He was not a happy bunny. Now the point, the bearings were SKF and this has been reported in the UK by Moggie enthusiasts. These bearings were made in China and they were not case hardened, is that the correct term? I know metal is case hardened for certain applications but as to bearings I know not.
So I am not taking issue here but unfortunately a lot of  well known and trusted makes are not always what we believe them to be.  And yes I accept that a lot of good stuff comes from the Peoples Republic.
The problem is even greater in the aircraft industry.
Yes, this is off subject but petrol in Canada is circa 50 cents a gallon and no MOT's.
I still haven't managed to get Sygic working, but I successfully downloaded CoPilot from CMDroid and it works well offline. The only thing I haven't managed to do is get the text-to-speech output working to speak street names etc., but that is maybe a problem with the head unit as it won't let me listen to an example so maybe doesn't work.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Electric cars
« Last post by auntyneddy on Today at 02:01:59 PM »
I am certain I saw on the dreaded box an item re tidal power involving a tower with a collar that rose up and down with the tides. This would not be affected by high  or low tides as it is dependent on the rise and fall of the sea as opposed to tidal flow in harbour entrances. One can only suppose it hit problems with situations when high winds produced too much rise and fall.
As to fossil fuels I am certain many moons ago, it was stated that the UK is sitting on 400 yrs supply of coal. Clean emissions were promised but all seems forgotten as the 'pundits' have moved on to the next brilliant idea to solve the planets energy supplies. It is cheaper to pay countries like the US to rip it out of the ground without any thoughts of reinstatement.
What is terrifying was watching Blue Planet 2 on Beeb. Plastic that wonder product and is now public enemy number one, killing sea creatures at some alarming rate, because homo sapien hasn't got the nouse to make sure he cleans up after himself. Just chuck it down. Yes the world will collapse if we the ones with the brain don't wake up.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Electric cars
« Last post by sparky Paul on Today at 01:47:10 PM »
That is what they are currently doing in Orkney.

I've seen the test rigs up on Eday which feed into the "Surf'n'Turf" project to hydrogen power the internal ferries whilst in dock, it's a small but very impressive demonstration of the various technologies.

The latest floating turbine being tested is really impressive - this single device has been able to reliably produce 7% of Orkney's total electricity needs, and over 25% for short periods.

I still think that tidal power offers the best long term solution, with improved storage technology for peak usage. They are currently building 200MW of battery storage into the grid, 49MW is being built just up the road from me, but I think something more effective will be required in the long term.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Screen washer out put weak
« Last post by Defender on Today at 01:01:11 PM »
Sounds like there is a blockage somewhere between the joint and the nozzles?
I would give it a shot to two from a bicycle pump and try and blow it through, there may well be a non return valve further on so the the fluid doesn't flow back down into the washer bottle.
Off Topic (Non-Honda) / Re: Electric cars
« Last post by Jocko on Today at 12:55:36 PM »
The Sahara desert used to be lush and green until humans moved in with their domesticated animals and overused / overgrazed the fragile land - that is the future of most of the land on Earth
At least we'll no hae far to go to the beach.
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