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larger diameter tyres have more rolling resistance.
Isn't the outer tyre diameter the same but the EX wheels are bigger and shod with lower profile tyres? Do the less flexible shorter sidewalls on the lower profile tryreshave more or less energy loss than the normal tyres? I can't figure out the answer from the explanation in that link.

I also wonder if the extra bells and whistles on the EX add to the weight which worsens the mpg. Are there also any extras which would worsen the aerodynamics?

On the Yaris, from what I can see, there are not that many extra bells and whistles between the Excel and the model one grade down - the Icon. You may get extras like sat nav but they are all on the infotainment type screen anyway. I wonder what would happen if you bought a Yaris with big wheels and changed them to small ones - would you then be able to claim exemption from the London Congestion Charge.

Not that I would ever be in that position but I reckon there would be lots of forms to fill in LOL.
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Rear Windscreen Wiper
« Last post by peteo48 on Today at 08:25:55 PM »
Not sure about this. I usually have my wipers on auto mode. I have to reverse out of my drive more often than not and, if the windscreen is wet, the front wipers give a sweep as does the rear wiper. This doesn't bother me as the rear window is usually damp as well.

It it's dry, nothing happens. Neither front or back wipers operate. It would annoy me if the rear wiper gave a sweep in these circs but it doesn't.

Sorry - not really answering your question but just wonder why it's a problem.
Cheers for that TG Iíve been quoted £170 for a new remote and cut blade by a auto locksmith just felt it sounds a bit of a high cost .
Regards Pete
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Re: Jazz 2014 remote and key blade replacement
« Last post by TG on Today at 08:02:31 PM »
Cutting is quite easy, pairing a remote is also easy, but the car also needs to know the immobiliser chip id in the key.  Some auto locksmiths can enter this into the car, while some others now clone these onto blank chips.  Adding a completely new key needs outside assistance.  Find out the dealer price for this, then an independent man-in-a-van service should be able to do this for much less.  Can't provide any recommendations but you should be able to have this done in most urban areas.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Brake disc splash guard
« Last post by TG on Today at 07:54:02 PM »
I'm in my final year of Jazz ownership, in 2002 I never planned to keep this one so long but it has met my needs and I tend to use hire cars for business travel to keep things simple.  Before it goes I'm probably going to address the advisory from last year's MOT,  "n/s and o/s front brake back plates corroded".

The lower portion of the disc splash guard has corroded and is now perforated, it's not a failure item in itself as the splash guards could be removed entirely but any corroded or jagged part should sound a note of caution.  From the manual it looks like you have to pull the hubs from the wheel bearing to gain access to the back plate fixings. 

To be honest replacing these looks like a complete PITA, but maybe it will prevent some other random thing becoming an advisory instead.

Has anyone done this or something similar?

Hi I need a second remote and key blade for my jazz2014 has anyone had to do this as going through a dealer is not easy .

Regards Pete
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Jerk on takeoff
« Last post by Peter Gainsborough on Today at 07:39:51 PM »
Having waited at a red traffic light with the gear selector in 'D' - our Jazz is automatic - when starting to move forward the car jerks. This doesn't happen if I select 'S' before moving off. Has anyone any thoughts on this?
Honda Jazz Mk2 2008-2015 / Rear Windscreen Wiper
« Last post by Peter Gainsborough on Today at 07:34:35 PM »
If I still have the front windscreen wipers on and then select 'reverse' - our Jazz is an auto - the rear wiper operates automatically. Is there a way to stop this happening?
Jerkiness in CVT cars is usually a symptom of old CVT transmission fluid.  This should be replaced every 2 years with Honda CVT-F according to the service schedule but if the transmission fluid has past it's best and causing jerkiness then a flush & fill is recommended.
Honda Jazz Mk1 2002-2008 / Re: Anti lock break issue?
« Last post by TG on Today at 07:27:52 PM »
It does have ABS.

Clicking is a normal sound for when ABS kicks in but this is not normal braking, more emergency stop when the tyre is on the limit of traction.  If you go to a quiet road and stand on the brakes at 40mph you should be able to engage ABS.  When you initially start the car there should be an ABS witness light briefly illuminated on the dash which should extinguish after a few seconds.  A major fault while driving will illuminate this light although it may extinguish again if the fault clears.
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